Site Fencing


Whatever the application, our fitters can create a professional looking site boundary.  This not only creates a corporate image for the site but also provides screening for the health and safety of the general public.







Our clients can also choose additions to the hoarding, such as:

  • Perspex/mesh viewing holes
  • Key coded access doors
  • Letter boxes
  • “Safe” waiting zones
  • Turnstiles

This semi-permanent barrier normally consists of:

  • 150mm x 75mm posts concreted into the ground 600mm – 900mm depending on site ground structure with the post hole width varying to also suit conditions.
  • Post centres to be a maximum of 2.4m with the centres getting closer towards the end of runs. 3No 100mm x 50mm treated rails fixed to the face of the posts.
  • 18mm exterior ply board fixed to the rails by at least 4No screws per rail.
  • 150mm x 22mm treated headers and skirts.
  • 75mm x 22mm treated cover strips over each ply board joint.
  • Painted with either an under coat and gloss to the client’s specification or with an undercoat and top coat of recycled paint. (top coat not a gloss but a silk finish)
  • Vision panels and corporate signage can also be installed to this.


Temporary Panel 3.5m x 2m 260mm x 40mm apertures, can be fitted on wooden posts or into feet with the option of backstays or triangular supports.

Tree Protection Fencing

Usually a scaffold tube framework clad with heras panels, installed as per the requirements set out in BS5837, can include BS information signs attached.

Ground protection is also installed within the tree protection zones to allow access when required.

Additional items

Pedestrian management/segregation walkways and handrails.


  • Solid Hoarding
  • Palisade
  • Box section mesh