Mechanised Arboriculture.

In years gone by the equipment available for tree work operations was pretty basic and involved lots of manual handling. Even climbing aids were basic and primitive.

During the last 10 years or so the industry has experienced some pretty innovative and advanced developments in how arboricultural tasks are completed.

Climbing techniques and equipment have developed pretty quickly and the ‘gear junkies’ climbing kits are now an array of shiny toys to utilise. These improvements and new items are not only making the teams more efficient when working around the canopy of a tree, but also reducing the fatigue and strain on the climbers body.

Our climbers are adapting to the new methods of access and constantly developing their skills with the new items that are introduced.

The mechanised options now made available in the industry have revolutionized how we are able to plan and complete tree work, felling operations and site clearances.


Some of the machinery we have recently purchased and introduced to the fleet include:

Excavator with tree shear and grab. This machine is probably the most utilised of all, it is so versatile and can make an impact on any site with access, by reducing handling and speeding the job up.

Valtra T234 tractor with Kesla roof mounted crane. Again a very versatile piece of equipment when combined with the many implements that can be adapted to it.

Heizohack Woodchipper. When fed by the tractor this has some serious output when chipping branches and timber, and creates a G30 biomass grade woodchip for sale into the energy plants.

Tracked and Vehicle mounted work platforms. Providing safe mechanised access into the tree, these machines have many benefits, including safety, fatigue and efficiency. 


These advancements in the industry have huge benefits for everyone involved. We are improving safety on our sites, reducing the wear and tear on the bodies of our employees AND increasing efficiencies for our clients!


Lets see what developments the next 10 years bring!