Peace of mind for clients.

Beechwood Trees and Landscapes Ltd are Arb Approved Contractors.

An ARB Approved Contractor (ArbAC) is a business that has been assessed by the AA, has met and continues to uphold the AA’s Standards (both the ArbAC Standard relevant to the size of the business and the AA’s Codes of Ethics and Professional Conduct.)

The Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor scheme has been setting the standards for tree surgery work for more than 40 years. The Arboricultural industry is not regulated by government but has a high accident potential and a responsibility to care for the UK’s rich tree heritage.


The benefits to TREES are:

Trees are living, dynamic organisms that need appropriate management and care to ensure their safety, longevity and continued contribution to the landscape.

The benefits to tree OWNERS are:

Quality assured tree care services from contractors assessed and approved by the nation’s largest representative arboricultural body bring security to tree owners and managers in an industry renowned for more than its fair share of unscrupulous contractors. Tree owners can rely on ArbACs for appropriate advice and services.
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