Landscaping That Could Increase The Value Of Your Home

Some tips on making the most of outdoor space – and maximising your property value.

Improving your landscaping has a lot of benefits. It demonstrates pride of ownership and is one of the best ways to increase your home value should you want to sell it. After all, if buyers see that you take care of the outside of your house, they’ll assume you’ve taken good care of the inside.


Landscaping your garden could increase your property value by 77 per cent, according to research from Post Office Money.

Over the past few years, house price growth has slowed, so homeowners have turned to other options to add value to their homes – with improvements being a clear opportunity. Making the right changes to your home can increase its market value significantly – with garden landscaping coming out high on the list for the most value added,

There’s no need to spend a fortune or take up topiary. In fact, simpler gardens usually sell more easily – buyers can be put off by spaces that look fussy or tricky to maintain.



Here are five landscaping trends to help increase the value of your home.

  1. Clean It Up

Over the years, gardens and landscapes areas get overgrown. Like us, they need regular haircuts and maintenance. The first task? Remove any dead or wilted trees and bushes and replace them with drought-resistant, native plants, or create a mulch bed in their place. Be sure to prune overgrown trees, hedges and shrubs, if required.

  1. Keep It Low Maintenance

You want a garden that works for you, not one you’ll have to spend hours working on. A few simple tips can make your yard easy to maintain.

  • Plant perennial flowers that will return every year.
  • Install a sprinkler system or automated soaker hoses.
  • Cover more areas with pavers or hardscape to cut down on mowing time.
  • Avoid messy trees that drop leaves, needles, and berries.
  • Install artificial grass so no mowing is required.
  1. Grow a Privacy Fence

Watching your neighbors parade around their backyard in their pajamas on a Saturday morning is less than ideal. Create some privacy by planting trees or shrubs that keep your views inside your yard.

  1. Bring Your Indoors Outside

Once you’ve established some privacy, you’re ready to create an outdoor oasis. If your budget allows, install an outdoor kitchen with a cooking area.  Add comfortable seating with fluffy cushions for cozying up to a good book on a warm, sunny day. Close in your outdoor space in a gazebo or pergola, which serves to frame the open-air room while offering shade. Create an inviting “indoor” feeling outside, perfect for entertaining on a Saturday evening or for sipping coffee on a Sunday morning.

  1. Create a Focal Point

Your garden is like any room inside your home. Consider a focal point that immediately draws the eye. A pond, Zen garden, fountain, or a statue/work of art are also great gathering places for guests.

The experts revealed that the garden feature which adds the most value to a property is a shed. In fact, 82 per cent of property professionals claim a decent-sized shed is the most cited feature to boost value.

Often used as home offices, dens and even outdoor kitchens, there are no definitive statistics on what value they add. But a well-designed outhouse, especially insulated and wired for electricity, will be a plus for many buyers.

Fashioning your garden into an appealing and well-kept retreat expands the “liveable” space in your home. Think of it as an investment. You’re adding an extra room to your home, without adding additional walls. Creating a greener, more trendy landscape will pay off when it’s time to sell, by putting more green in your pocket.

For help and advice on a prospective garden makeover, please get in touch and discuss it further with one of our team.