High Risk Industry

Tree Surgery and Arboriculture are considered one of the highest risk industry’s to be employed in.

The HSE statistics indicate that Between 1 April 2000 and 31 March 2013 a total of 60 people have been killed as a result of tree work activities and many more have been injured or have suffered ill health.

As a company we do everything possibly we can to prevent any of our employees being added to these set of statistics. This is managed and maintained in a number of ways including staff development and training.

We have a very positive attitude towards our employees continued progression and development, which has generated a positive attitude and created a safety conscious culture here at Beechwood Trees and Landscapes Ltd amongst our teams of arborists.

All staff maintain a log of continual professional development activity for the purposes of career planning and to demonstrate a lifelong learning approach for their professional memberships.

In addition to the industry related certification, such as tree climbing and chainsaw use, our staff receive update training on a continual basis in the form of attendance at refresher training events, seminars and trade shows, presentations and monthly team briefings with tool box talks.

We usually have places available on our training events


Some further information on company systems can be found on our compliance page.