What happens to the trees we cut down?

Beechwood Trees and Landscapes recognise that protection and enhancement of the environment is of prime importance and that this company impacts on the rural and built environment.

The achievement of a high standard of environmental awareness throughout the company is not only essential to assist in sustaining and keeping in balance the environment and environmental resource, but also results in healthier and more acceptable conditions for work and social activity.

As part of our environmental policy we strive to run as a sustainable business and recycle through all aspects of our work.

Tree maintenance works generate large quantities of green waste such as woodchip and timber, we are happy that we are now recycling 100% of our green waste created by our tree surgery operations.




We supply currently Stobart Energy and SDL Solutions with our woodchip, they collect it from our depot in Coventry, using artic lorry loads and take it to processing plants

Climate change is the greatest single threat facing the world today, and renewable energy schemes have a crucial role to play in tackling it.

Stobart Energy have invested in large scale processing sites; Widnes, Port Clarence, Rotherham, Pollington and Tilbury, which are capable of processing and managing over 1m tonnes of waste wood per year.



The majority of our timber is collected from our depot or directly from the worksite, and again processed to make energy.

Some of our timber is converted into firewood and resold into the domestic market, see our Online Shop for more information on this.

We also supply the higher quality material for bespoke projects to furniture makers, chainsaw carvers and wood turners.


For the future¦

The company shall continuously assess its environmental performance against the measures planned on our Environmental Aspects and Impacts Register.

Reviews shall include assessing opportunities for improvement and the need for changes to the environmental management system, including the environmental policy and environmental objectives and targets.


For more information please see the environmental section on our website.