Large Tree Removal

Completed on a sensitive site in Coventry

wmhousingOn behalf of Whitefriars Housing, part of the WM Housing Group, we completed the removal of a large prominent London Plane tree. Unfortunately, the tree had to be removed following a number of years of monitoring and assessment due to the damage being caused to neighboring properties.

Our team arrived on site bright and early on a lovely August morning, equipped with our purpose-built chip lorries, our Bandit 990XP high performance 12″ capacity wood chipper, plus climbing and cutting equipment.

We set out our traffic and pedestrian management, taking extra precautions around the adjacent bus stop by erecting pedestrian barriers to prevent passers by walking towards the work zone.

The team was led by one of our supervisors Matt Hirons, once he had completed the necessary H&S paperwork and all operatives had signed up to the risk assessment, he put on his climbing equipment and ascended the tree.

Works in progress 2

The branches were cut systematically and dropped individually into the work area and then prepared for chipping by Luke (aerial rescue) and his ground man Joe.

We had expected some complaints from local resident’s due to the prominent location of the tree, but fortunately other than a few queries, there were no objections to the works.

By mid-afternoon the branches had been stripped and it was just the timber and trunk to be lifted from site using our hiab lorry, then a general tidy up.

Everything went smoothly and this large tree was felled to the stump efficiently by our experienced team, within the day with minimum disturbance to residents.


‘Beechwood Trees and Landscapes carried out the works to this tree in a highly professional manner and safe manner. We were delighted in both the preparation and the way the works were handled on site. This has been a very difficult and sensitive situation to handle and I would like to thank Beechwood for the part played in bringing this to positive conclusion.’

Said Scott Fincham from WM Housing.



If you have a similar tree requiring pruning or removal then we would love to hear from you.

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